Vegetarian or vegan - how to choose your cruise?

Vegetarian and vegan cruise vegetrian menus

Been on a vegan cruise? Thinking about taking a vegetarian cruise for a change? Is it possible today to plan taking a vegan or vegetarian cruise? If you are planning to do so, probably you are worried about vegetarian diets and this is absolutely understandable! What will you eat? Will there be vegan or healthy vegetarian food available on the cruise ship you have chosen? We shall try to answer these questions and help find the most suitable options for you.

Is the sea a place for vegetarians and vegetarian diets?

There are two basic models of vegetarians- such who won't shut up about their dining habits and vegetarian diets, and why everyone should eat the same things like them; and stealth vegetarians- those who quietly order the vegetarian menus possible for vegans and vegetarians, and hope that nobody will make a fuss. The latter are cute and usually smarter, but the fact is that making a bit of noise will help you get better vegetarian options on a cruise line.

Vegetarians pass unobserved most of the time and sometimes the galley doesn't really know they are in the dining room. Too bad for them, because every cruise line nowadays is ready to prepare special meals for guests - just talk to your waiter the day you get aboard and explain your level of vegetarianism, tell him about cuisine types or vegetarian menus you prefer especially. Waiters are trained in assisting passengers who follow special vegetarian diets. This fact in the case of vegetarians means just to be able to explain food that is on the menu. They will also assist in getting your requests to the galley. 
Another way to make the cruise line know that you exist, is to inform them about your preferences in advance - they will come through. Calm down and bon voyage! If you are a vegan and follow a strict diet, communicating your needs before you board ship is better way so they can have right ingredients on hand and prepare healthy vegetarian food.